It's the best time of the year! Take a moment & reflect on all your great work this year! A moment of gratitude is a good thing

Posted on December 09, 2013 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

Hello & cheers,

It's the best time of the year! Take a moment & reflect on all your great work this year! A moment of gratitude is a good thing to share with those closest to you. So I say thank you to you!

Wishing you very well this season. I continue to place my art in nyc & beyond. Thinking of collecting and/or commissioning art as I place it in public spaces, is a live launch to collect kellyannart + kellyannartsalon.

Give art in all forms, collect art, view art. It's a good thing. a sante'

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Posted in Hello & cheers, It's the best time of the year! Take a moment & reflect on all your great work this year! A moment of gratitude is a good thing to share with those closest to you. So I say thank you to you!

kellyannartsalon NYC press release | Life & Art are like gardens. All seasons. All things in good time.

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

Patience, positioning, curiosity has lead to nyc public art pop ups in art space 29 soho, 287 spring street chelsea, Lisbon international contemporary exhibition & solo exhibit & public art pop up spring 2014.

immediate release
creative concept inc. presents kellyann gilson lyman
creative concept inc. is pleased to announce the representation of kellyann gilson lyman. a gifted painter, photographer, printmaker, designer & word sculptor. in the purest sence kellyann has skillfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical & mysterious, jubilant yet poetic. employing these paradoxes, she skillfully applies her raw talent into different mediums & styles creating a sense of flux, depth & dominance. since her emergence, kellyann has blended the concerns & methods of both abstract & conceptual art with photography and process to create her own iconography of appropriation & pop art. upligiting & engaging art in public spaces. this is kellyann’s interest in art & design, as a means to encourage ethics & aesthetics in education in our youth, our next generation. artists paying forward the creative process. it is an aesthetic that takes elemental images & text, transforming the canvas into an interactive, thought provoking experience for the viewer.
through her handcrafted platforms & ( live launch) she curates annual collections of modern culture that are at once interactive. since her first solo show, kellyann has exhibited in international & group & solo exhibitions articulating her vision of large scale works in public art spaces & intergrating art in all forms. a fashion, photo, art, music, poetry integration. her recent projects have included fridman gallery in soho, art fairs in hong kong basel & art zurich 2014.
for additional information & pricing & projects within the us, asia, & europe, please contact her international agent, creative concept inc., 1221 avenue of the americas, 6th avenue,  42nd floor, new york, ny 1002 | 646.224.6996 | | | 415.412.4959
creative concept inc.
1221 avenue of the americas, 6th avenue, 42nd floor
new york, ny 10020




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Collecting art sales | Happy People can change the World Courreges

Posted on November 06, 2013 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

Great partnerships in art are often great design! I would love to see as the back drop to Courregges. I concur with their philosophy...happy can change the world!




I find it curious in the art world, the dialogue of where artists land. In the business of art, what is the dialogue & what is the game beyond talent, timing & scope? | has been producing art for exhibition, that speaks to art & design ethics & aesthetics. A rubric behind art & design that creates art + production = profit. Great art, speaks to great design. The movers & shakers in art profit in the game.

With a fascination with Andy Warhol's business model in art & design, he sold his photo shoots at $50,000 USD for 1- 60 x 60 silkscreen print, then 5 editions $5000 each. So as an artist, he created his value & annual income with one project. I love the idea of art value, so as to continue to create great art that engages the public positively. 

The Warhol Foundation earned over 300 million last year. The estate that keeps on giving is a fabulous business model in art to study & establish. My collection of appropriations of AWF Jackie O, are being collected & archived for editions, as per approval by the AWF. As the art continues to promote Andy Warhols business ethic & his art in the cultural eye. Salon in art is key.

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Posted on May 02, 2012 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman launching new website + A & D salon retrospective | iconoculture | a world view on beauty | art integration conversation April 4-18, 2014 white space and/or go studios.

Oui Oui to the conversation of the integration of art in all forms.


Kellyann Manifesto 

1. Proposal  Title of show : Manifesto | A & D salon retrospective |

iconoculture | a world view on beauty  | manifesto : public art engagement motto: see beauty in what you do!

2.Clear bodies of work representing:  large, medium & small abstracts + icons + positive print making campaigns on maps ++ sculptural play on words. | collections in conversations on positive reflections on humanity. Art production conceptualizing ethics & aesthetics in art & design salon education.  Art as a cultural equity.

3. Agenda: 

a. Spring Launch | exhibition dates: April 4- 18 (good friday) or 30th, April 4 (Friday) opening, April 6th (Sunday), artist walk & talk in nyc. Perhaps, 

meeting at the gallery space to do an art walk & talk, then off to sculpture garden...Mark DiSuvero in nyc. 

b. Art crate to ship show on the road. Select exhibition of 50 works 10 large, 10 medium, 20 small, 30 prints. 

c. Complete sales contracts on 3-4 art sales

d. follow up on press, publication & long term planning objective with & creative concepts, inc. NYMOMA PS1, gallery space to exhibit retrospective |

Note: Travel, shipping, installation & lodging fees need to confirmed. Do you have an apartment and/or location recommendation for lodging.

4. statement for solo project: Art in motion in real time. 

Response to Koddrip's show: In the context of my work & relation to your group. Love this pondering in ones (spiritual) art practice. So what are you learning from the unconscious? 

Is your cup empty & open to learn & give compassionately to life? Is the vessel breathing & swimming in homeostasis! Here is fountain of creativity.

My sola show with creative concepts at go studio or white space. will display bodies of work large abstracts, medium & small paintings + positive youth vision print campaigns & sculptural play on words, all reflecting on aesthetics & ethics in art. There is a link in Koddrip's work & mine, to know thine self & shine each day!

My collections address heroes, seeing beauty in what you do, iconoculture | a world view on beauty. I produce large paintings as a backdrop for the fusion of art design fashion photography, technology & thought. Positive thought as a means to cultivate culture via the creative process. If through our art, one creatively problem solves in their daily lives, is not art impacting culture positively.

I see my art global in motion to NYC, Paris, London, Japan, China & Abu Dabai. I am very curious as to the dialogue & conversation around arts integration (Oui to art in all forms). If we artists cull a renaissance in all art....invite those of interest in your circles around the globe to dialogue with integrate the arts in motion.

of sculpters: Mark DiSuvero, 

Poets...Chitra Neogy, Beyonce

Musicians....jay z, rihanna,

Film makers, interested & producing art, james franco, etc. 

Perhaps the art dialogue grows via integration of thought.  What is art saying today? Is art a cultural equity? Who are the benefactors of this art? Will the youth learn from this quest for ethics & aesthetics in their day. What will their culture produce or create as a consequence of our cultural influences. Are we a culture of seekers & doers? Are we paying forward intrigue, discovery, inspiration & delight! Yes is my thought. Bonne Chance, 

5. size 2000 - 10, 000 square feet

6. length of time : 1 year, Art in motion to global city centers. 2-4 week pops up with edition of show available. Originals available post global exhibition in Paris, NY, London, China, Japan & Abu Dabai  

7. Spring launch: Opening | Artist walk & talk

8. Additional catalog / publication : Yes, of course. Do I produce and/or do you work with me to produce & qty desired?

9. Video stream of images in this ongoing discourse....

10. Call out to Music....poetry, dance, invite Jay Z, Beyonce James Franco, Rihanna & all artists interested in integrating art conversations for a positive impact on humanity.


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