Merry Winter | Gratitude | Action for Happiness Project

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

Merry Winter | Art Gratitude | Action for Happiness Project

I write to share my gratitude to art, family, colleagues & process. During the 4 seasons in art, I conceptualize, articulate, market, curate, exhibit, salon & produce public art projects & love engaging you all.

Now I reflect & wish you & yours a Merry Winter. Merci to you who have supported my art, it propels my art practice commitment to refinement. I am grateful for the collaborative art experiences that engage the public.

I continue to develop new art objectives & strategies to produce collections, as positive reflections on humanity. I welcome public, collector & corporate projects that inspire people & spaces. I have had the awesome opportunity to showcase my artwork in many spaces & grateful to all those I meet in art. 

Merci for the your love & support.  I wish you a New Year filled with health, quality, happiness & joie! Make 2017 Bright! Collect art : HolidayGift: 20% off selected art, sculpture & commissions. Please email Bonne Art!