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kellyann gilson lyman     Telephone 415.412.4959 


Kellyann Gilson Lyman contemporary abstract artist. Performance related art productions with intrigues of colorists abstracts, iconic gamine abstractions + positive type driven printwork on maps+ephemera . She received her B.A. at the University of California Los Angeles in Sociology and studied visual communications + graphic arts & design at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Since her emergence, Kellyann Gilson has blended the concerns and methods of abstract, conceptual, appropriation art with photography & humanity to create her own unique iconography, uplifting and always engaging. 

Kellyann’s large scale conceptual abstract collections, reflect positively on the character of humanity. The context of's annual collections is modern culture through a rubric of creative research. 

Since her first solo show, Kellyann has exhibited in international group & solo exhibitions, articulating her vision of large scale work in public art spaces. She studies the spaces & the works in the Museum of Modern Art and the Musee d'Art Moderne de La Ville de Paris.  Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris & lastly the Tate modern. |


Julie Zener Art Gallery & 7 on Locust Boutique, Gallery Director: Sales, Marketing, Event Planning, Curation, Art Relations, Social Media, Email Marketing.

Michelle Bello Art Advisor: San Francisco Design Center | Sloan Miyasato Showroom. large scale artworks for collections to the interior design & personal collector market.

Private Real Estate Partnership: Daily operations. Tenant Relations, Banking.

2017 Action for happiness project, gratitude art box & chalk mural project. Dalai Lama Action for Happiness.

2016 SFMOMA SECA SELECTION NOMINATION,  artbox switzerland spectrum miami, Zener Schon Projects, Art Matters, Washington DC. Super Karma, SFMOMA, Yves Delorme Showroom, gratitude art box(s), action for happiness project.

2015, Public art installations, 50K Commission, 4 up 36 x 36, 4 elements, Hamptons |  S Gallery Space, soho, Power of Perception, Spring 2014, Art Fairs Hong Kong Basel & Zurich, nyc, editorial director: suzie maria, revelations in beauty, July 2013 art takes Paris selection, 9. 2013, Andy Warhol Foundation + appropriation of Jackie O Editions, NYC, Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 2013, books inc, art & book installation, flora | art & flower install, July 2013 The Story of the Creative exhibition! features hundreds of artists from 103 countries across the globe. Elements of Expression, Exhibition, New York, NY, September 2nd-23rd, 2013. Artist Wanted Book | Art Takes NY, Calistoga Art Center & Bank of America, Calistoga, Indian Springs Spa & Resort Commission, Indian Springs Gallery, Cedar Sinai Medical Center Public Art Collection, Art Advice Corporate Art Consultants, 275 Battery Street San Francisco Corporate Lobby, San Francisco Watermark Residences,, NY Art History Channel, Artist Wanted, Behance, Art, Marie Kazalia Agent, San Francisco Convention Plaza, Museum Parc Public Art, Lisalee Smith-Curator,, The Whole Nine Peace Project, International Museum of Woman, UCSF Women’s Health,, BECA |ICAD (Bridge for emerging contemporary artists | International Contemporary Artists & Designers, Hotel des Arts, Aveda, First Crush, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, art is moving, artworks magazine,, me gallery, Artspan, Visual Aid, Hotel Triton, San Francisco Design Museum, Fort Mason, California Modern Gallery, SOMA gallery, Studio 333 Gallery, Ecole Bilingue, Sausalito Artwalk, Griffin Davis Art Consultants, The Monadnock Building SF, San Jose Museum of Art, Sakai Cultural Center, Richmond Art Center – MOSHI MOSHI, ArtfestSF, Aspect Gallery, Sports Basement, A Different Day Gallery, Visual Harmony, Artsoup 13, McKinley Art Solutions, Keller Williams Corporate, YWCA, Project One, Urbanity, St Honore’ Café, Marc Arthur Performance Artist, DH Style Magazine, Saatchi Gallery,, international auction for, women artists by Frank Ridder.

Responsible for Collections creative direction of annual brand development, logo development, corporate identity, produced website design content & development & corporate collateral. 

Articulated Commissions & curation. 

Articulated annual | quarterly, monthly art line marketing & sales campaigns, including social media announcements & invitations to competitions, charities, agents, representatives, interior designers, professional art groups, exhibitions, curators & client collectors.

Produced Limited Editions & Licensed Artist Royalties

Contemporary Art & Design practice with annual public art exhibition schedule. Art & Design apprenticed. 

Core expertise in design, ad campaigns, staff management, creative direction, client relations, strategy, media relations & fine art production & printing. 

Photographer | Digital/Film photo retouching, photo shoot management. 

Canvas stretching & framing for fine art exhibitions. 

Installations & Pop Up exhibitions

2001-2006: Represented abstract art, sculpture & photography. National & international clients. Gallery director & curator of me gallery, produced 4 shows in 2003. Curator, artist of (4) bi-annual shows for Maitri. Currently curate 4-5 shows annually. 


2001- Annual Art & Design Collection Concept, articulation, curation, exhibitions & publishing for collectors. Annual collections in public, corporate, hospital, hotel & private collections.

2002-2008 Artspan, San Francisco, Artist, Curator, Community Partner, Auction Art & Art for City Youth2001- 20003, 

me Gallery, San Francisco, director & curator of exhibitions2001-2002 

Maitri, San Francisco, CA, curator, artist, agent,  4 bi annual art exhibitions


Cedar Sinai Medical Center Spinal Institute Public Art Collection. The Hero Series, Reconstruction

in the white spaces icons, yes love is the answer, Private Collection Poland


2015 | abstractions

2013-14 nyc, Elements of Expression, Exhibition, New York, NY, September 2nd-23rd, 2013.


artist marketing salon review by Marie Kazalia, | 

The Whole 9 Peace Project Book:

2010 Featured interview, 

ARTWORKS magazine Honoring Karl Kasten.


artismoving blog interview 



2013 nyc, editorial director: suzie maria, Elements of Expression, Exhibition, New York, NY, September 2nd-23rd, 



Global Artist & Design Consultant | Established strong collaborative partnerships with corporations, galleries, charities, art organizations & collectors:

Presidio, SF Film Centre Axelrodart. com + Holly Art Exhibit Pop Up , December 12 -13 2012

Berkeley Art Center, Wonder, December 6 - January 27, 2013

artist wanted coffee table book selection | Art Takes Times Square 

calistoga art center & Bank of America Public art exhibitions, June 7 - September 7

@walkincloset| Art Exhibition June 1 - January 2013, limited editions, limited editions

SFAIF Grant Proposal for The America’s Cup + Public Art Exhibition. PINAKOTHEK project & catalog | | Art & Design Project at Marin General Hospital Chemotherapy Treatment Center & Conference Room & San Salvador Medical | Art sponsor participate supporting St. Judes Children's Hospital, Kellyann Gilson Lyman exhibition, line

Art Advice Corporate Art Consultants, Susan Silverman,

Lisalee Smith Curator, Corporate Lobby Exhibitions. 

Ecole Bilingue Art Education Curriculum|Strategic Art Education Vision Campaign. Ltd Editions & Originals & Artist Spot LA,


chillin productions, Annual Holiday Exhibition, Irene Hernandez curator

Sea of Dream, New Year’s Eve, Will Chase Curator

Art Advice Corporate Art Consultants, Susan Silverman,

Lisalee Smith Curator, Corporate Lobby Exhibitions. 

Art Education Curriculum|Strategic Art Education Vision Campaign. 

Indian Springs Resort, Spa & Gallery, May Pole Commission & Art Installation.

275 Battery Street, San Francisco, Iconoculture Collection Installation. 

San Francisco Watermark, 501 Beale Street. Hi rise residential corporate lobby exhibition.  

Artist Spot,

Art Debutant, 

Art Exchange, interior design. 

Art of Day Limited Editions,


Artist Wanted | 2010 Year in Review

NY Art History Channel, 21st Century Artist Selection.

artist marketing resources group|virtual exhibition of emerging artists globally


Lisalee Smith Curator, Corporate Lobby Exhibitions. | World culture

The Whole 9 Peace Project:

Saatchi: curator submissions:

Museum Parc Public Lobby, 300 Third Street, San Francisco, 94107, August 14- September 25. 

San Francisco Convention Plaza Corporate Lobby | 201 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, August 14-October 9. 

BECA | ICAD Curate This 2010 International Public Vote Award: 2010.

women artists by Frank Deridder

Cedar Sinai Medical Center Spinal Institute Public Art Collection. The Hero Series, Reconstruction. 

Hotel des Art in the News

International Auction for 100 (Spontaneous Creativity Expands Art Market)

kellyannart Galerie on utube invited to join mad art based in the Netherlands. kellyannart, 

Prismacolor gallery.

Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay. 

UCSF Women's Health, Curator: Matt McKinley. SERENITY SPRING 2010, Sponsored by the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. 

International Museum of Woman, exhibition, Economica in the white spaces | icons collection, The President's Stimulus, http://  f815b2c804f1/, America's Next Master Artist.

2009 |  |

Saatchi Gallery of |

September, DH Style - The Most Beautiful Magazine: David Hinojosa | DHAdman |

A Different Day Gallery, July – August, black & white exhibition

2009 in the White Spaces | icons by is featured in EXHIBITING YOU at the International Museum of Women |

I am kurious orange marc arthur & Kellyann photographed marc's art performance of, I am kurious orange, at david cunningham projects, curated by anne colvin, san francisco. After reviewing the historical layers of this production, its core message is freedom without limitations. 

Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay. 

First Crush, a chic wine bar & lounge, San Francisco, April – August, in the white spaces collection, 101 Cyril Magnin, San Francisco, 94102,

Civic Arts Commission, May – November, in the white spaces collection,  2100 Allston Way, Berkeley, 94704, Downtown Berkeley Storefront Project.

Urbanity,  April – August, in the white spaces collection

Aveda | silent auction,   April, ice cream art | a fresh look collection, galleryhttp:// f815b2c804f1/ A virtual gallery showcasing 


Public Art Client Representation Aveda, First Crush, San Francisco, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, Urbanity Style & St. Honore’ Café. 

Project One | December, ice cream art collective | a fresh look, San Francisco. 

A Different Day Gallery, San Francisco Bay. Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay.

Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay. 


YWCA of UC Berkeley | October-December, ice cream art | a fresh look | solo exhibition 

Gift to Cedar Sinai Medical Center Spinal Institute, Hero Series, Reconstruction, Los Angeles A Different Day Gallery Representation, San Francisco Bay. 

Visual Harmony, San Francisco Bay. Public Art Client Representation.

Sports Basement Gallery del Grotto |December, June, ice cream art | a fresh look | exhibition, San Francisco

Sports Basement Gallery del Grotto | October, ice cream art collective | a fresh look, San Francisco. 

California Modern Gallery, Juried Selection, Reflections on the Bay, San Francisco. 

A Different Day Gallery, Spring Showers Brings, San Francisco Bay. 

Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay. 


Keller Williams Corporate, New Abstracts & Fotowork, San Francisco Bay 

Sports Basement | Winter Grotto Art Party,  Hero Series, San Francisco


Griffin Davis Art Representatio,, San Francisco. 

Monadnack Building, Kellyann Gilson Lyman Solo Chronology & Young at Art: What is Art Project? San Francisco, CA, a public arts project with auction proceeds donated to Artspan and the City for Youth Art Program. 

Aspect Gallery Representation, San Francisco. 

A Different Day Gallery, November - March, The Great Outdoors. 

Mckinley Art Solutions, SOMA Gallery, Give Good Character, San Francisco. 

ArtSoup 13,October – December, Bayshore Film Studios, Juried show.                       

Aspect Gallery, Artspan, Open Studios, San Francisco. 

Aspect Gallery, Winter & Spring, Fall & Winter, San Francisco. 

MOSHI, MOSHI, Richmond Art Center, Berkeley Sakai Cultural Exchange. 

Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay. 

Visual Aid, San Francisco. 

ArtFest, San Francisco.

Sakai Cultural Center Gallery, Cherry Blossom Festival, Sakai, Japan. 

San Jose Museum Musem of Art, We are Family, San Jose. 

The Monadnack Building, Griffin Davis, San Francisco. 

Studio 333 Gallery, Recent Abstracts, Sausalito. 

Sausalito Artwalk, June-August, New Abstracts, Sausalito. 

SOMA Gallery, Recent Works, Artspan SOMA show, San Francisco. 

Visual Aid, San Francisco. 

Ecole Bilingue Auction, San Francisco Bay. 

California Modern Gallery, Artspan Auction, San Francisco. 


Studio 333 Gallery, Abstraction, Sausalito. 

SOMA Gallery, Recent Works: Artspan SOMA Show, San Francisco.

California Modern Gallery, Artspan Auction, San Francisco,

Visual Aid Auction, San Francisco 


Fort Mason, Artspan, San Francisco 

San Francisco Design Museum, Designs, San Francisco.


Hotel Triton, Artspan, San Francisco. 

me Gallery, Abstracts, San Francisco 3 exhibitions. 

San Francisco Design Museum, Designs, San Francisco.

2002 Maitri, Photoworks, San Francisco, biannual

2001 Maitri, foto, San Francisco, biannual 

References available upon request.