artist statement - make positive art | no guts no glory

Colorist art & design practice in abstraction, icon fotowork & positive type prints over 15 years. I work in a pure aesthetic style with interests in the Pattern & Decoration movements. My unique praxis, explores positive cultural concepts in humanity. I offer the viewer reflection through a conceptual abstract colorist palette. I nurture & share my artistic technique & discipline. My artworks are tools for transformation & give voice to positive issues. My muse is colorist photography. Conceptually, I produce refreshing, uplifting & insightful cultural manifestations through art, design & technology | a transmedia discourse.

What does it mean to celebrate beauty, whimsy & joy as we reshape our world? My annual collections focus specifically on positive reflections. Each year, I reinvent & innovate by studying, producing & disseminating artwork that engages the public positively. I am inspired personally to produce work that's message, speaks beyond me to the world at large.

I blend the concerns & methods of abstract, conceptual and appropriation art with photography and culture to create my own unique iconography, always vivacious. My practice produces abstraction, iconography & type driven positive print campaigns.

My concepts of heroes, peace, motion in beauty, inertia | motion of matter in art, nature & adornment, yes, love is the answer, beauty’s reflection - see beauty in what you do, beauty’s expansion = vital cycle, have been exhibited in public spaces. In exhibition, my mixed medium genre artwork has found a global audience. The iconoculture collection | a world view on modern beauty, reflects seeing the beauty in what you do, through appropriated iconic images of beauty. 

I want to engage generations of visual thinkers.

Philosophies -

never look back, darlin’ .

refined process.                                                  

finding freedom within limitations.

My art practice focuses on continued commitment, refinement & vision. archives her work as library of art & design. 

Industrious experience, history & perspective, moxie & intellectual curiosity. art & design education motto | challenge yourself daily to view, 

curate, exhibit, teach, salon, collect  & produce art.