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Design today with art in mind. Reimagine the arkitektura consortium design showroom in Milan. Visualize strategic art placement beginning at storefront through interiors to back room. I see art for placement. 1 storefront, 1 edit light showroom, 1 office, 1 poltrana frau logo room, 1 capellini, 1 cassina. 6 artworks total. Now you do the visual study. Imagine your storeroom as a client's location. Place art baby! Just do it! star!

No matter who or where you are, happy collecting!

At kellyannart, I help collectors and aspiring collectors discover, study & collect art. I study top museums, galleries & cultural institutions to develop & produce a best collection of contemporary art. I offer limited editions and original works, & make them available for sale online.

I appreciate the positive role artists & cultural institutions play in our society. Every sale of artwork on the site directly supports kellyannart. By collecting art, you help sustain creative culture around the globe & make the world a better place.

I present, curated artworks that reflect the issues of our time. An artist & advisor –  a trusted source for information, access & exclusive works you can't find anywhere else. When you collect me over a lifetime, your invest in the artist in you.

I am passionate about art collecting.  I believe art & design are fundamental to culture. Living with art and engaging with artists for all to enjoy is important.

See beauty in what you do | art that reflects positively on humanity is my curiosity. Ethics & aesthetics in art.

Think curiosity, catharsis & audacious in art!