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Posted on October 21, 2014 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

Love the report on Artists Report Back: A National Study on the Lives of Arts Graduates and Working Artists. Artists are thriving.

Shaking it up in art is my motto. I am an artist playing the public art arena in California & NYC...& beyond. Just submitted to the...Artsy & Rauschenberg foundation for a curatorial project. 


Letter to Arsty & Rauschenberg,




I am fascinated by artrepreneurs.


I am artist, vested in the entrepreneurial placement of art. The artist in order to place ones work must continue on to articulate the vision for the art. I am most interested in engaging the public (young & old)  in  art via, public art projects, printmaking on flags, 2 dimensional large to small works, positive printmaking campaigns, sculptural play on words via vintage signage. I have a large inventory of production to showcase. NY PS1 MOMA project retrospective review.

I have been placing my art in public spaces in LA, SF & NY over the last 15 years. 

I would love an opportunity, not just to place art in the art market. I would like all the public to enjoy art & culture, by placing it to engage the viewer in academic excellence,world celebrations, heroes. An ethics & aesthetics practice focused on positive reflection on humanity, perhaps instilling in the viewer, the interest in viewing or seeking more arts daily. 

Arts as a way cultivate creative thinking in culture. Music, Art, Film, Dance, Theater, Poetry

I am fascinated by artrepreneurs. Those artists seeking the academic discourse in a rubric toward creative leadership, academic excellence, practice. Salon practice, exhibition process,curatorial placement beyond the traditional academic, museum & corporate art to art for all to enjoy. What is art really, should one have to ask to show it? Art is to be shared, loved, admired.

The rogue desire to shake up the art mortar hierarchy into the larger global discourse on art salon, creativity & stimulating critical thinking & excellence in culture is my curiosity.

I am originally from UCLA, studied design at UCSB & audited the ecoles de beaux art contemporary art salon curriculum as the premise for my business art practice. I would love an opportunity to think outside the box, to show a retrospective of art. What does one showcase, 1 - 20 paintings in a solo show or 150-1000 works that showcases process, innovation, practice, exhibition salon, marketing, branding, public art placement to instill the art process in young children with public art printmaking projects.

Rauchsenberg believes are can change the world. Perhaps, its the artists & creative thinkers that can change the world through creativity in our culture & practice.






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