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Posted on September 14, 2015 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

Sending art lovers a huge infusion of gratitude this thanks & giving season ! Practice of gratitude in art at the house of presents Fall 2015 |  art is.... a gratitude public art project

A. Q & A, sidewalk chalk public engagement project. Q: Art is..... A: gratitude, beautiful, hope, love, joie, inspired, necessary, for a lifetime, intrigue, discovery, transform delight. It's delightful to see the public enjoying engaging in art making.

I continue to produce public art projects in gratitude for exhibiting & selling art to collectors. I am grateful & thank you for supporting my art in your world. AW Mona Lisa, inquire

I am happy to work LA, Miami & NY, to place large works for public art collections. In SF, I am participating in the Mill Valley Public Art Commission art residence at Famous 4 & Chadwick's of London. The wonder of love exhibition, October 1-31, Mill Film Festival at the Mill Valley Chamber | 30 + works in the public eye.  I am continuing to create new artrepreneurial opportunities to show & salon.

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Collect Art!