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Posted on August 26, 2015 by Kellyann Gilson Lyman

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Kellyann Gilson Lyman |

CEO Producer,,  Mill Valley, California, SF area.

Industry general & specific answer  ART, DESIGN, CURATION, & SALON ARTREPRENEUR, artcateur, art education, ethics innovation & creative thinking in process & articulation.

What is your role within your organization? Annual conception, production, exhibition, marketing & salon. International contemporary abstract painter producing public art exhibitions, limited editions. art & design product. Visually stunning, beautiful work.

Location: 15 Lovell Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Contact information for publication:
Kellyann Gilson Lyman
15 Lovell Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941


How long have you been working at your current organization?  In your current field/industry? Art & Design 25 years

Specific Questions: 
*How did you get started in your career?

My interest in art & design began in my youth with the concept of  A& D as a cultural benefactor. Art & Jardin was the first course. After completing my BA from UCLA in Political Sociology & a Post Baccalaureate in Visual Communication & Graphic Design from UCSB, I worked in legal research & creative direction LA & SF.   In 2000, I began my art practice by partnering in ME gallery & curating SF artist exhibitions. In 2002, I committed to a creative practice in production, exhibition, branding art,  curation & public art. Never look back. Keep moving forward & pay back your knowledge via a master apprentice academic process. Practice to master, yet always remain a student.

*What has kept you in your career for so long?

The strategy study of intrigue, beauty, transform, delight, inspire discovery. Art in life is a annual practice. Each year, I focus on art ethics & aesthetics. Art as a cultural good for all to enjoy in the public eye, beyond the gallery & museum.  This year, I am producing & exhibiting work on the subject of, "The wonder of love in art & life." Love as part of the vital cycle in art. Love for art & love for family & self. SummertimeWhite space each year to reflect & acknowledge growth in the pursuit of excellence. Then begin again with confidence & merit ones own commitment to continued refinement in art & design.  (White space: Time from the canvas to photograph art produced & insta gram art postings).

What is your role within your organization

DIY CEO & partner annually. I am the gate keeper to my art inspiration with a motto of Oui to art in motion & salon, to do my  best,  with no regrets.  Each new year brings new opportunities. I craft my own relations to showcase art from 1 quarter to 1 year in public spaces. Providing the bank, Hotel, hospital, public foyer, lobby and/or boutique owner 20% of art sales. Review: "Visually stunning, beautiful work."

What specific tasks do you do that helps the organization function at its highest capacity?

Intrigue with art & design refinement, innovation & continued pursuits in art as a cultural benefactor. I commit annually to refinement & innovation in my art practice. I study philosophy, vitality, leadership thought & art sales. I structure my art practice quarterly to salon, art reviews with interior designers & architects. Retrospective & estate planning.

*Who or what has been your greatest professional inspiration?

I study all art forms  & nature to inspire my art practice. Nature is pure form of success. In my art business practice, I work to be as natural, as I can in my approach to success. I study greatness & excellence, as well a, reading history, religion, physical prowess, medicine, science, tech, mathematics, art & design.

*What advice would you offer to someone starting out in your industry?

Always learn new things each day. Strive to do 1 thing each day you fear. Challenge yourself with calm, cool collected thought. Think Big! Imagine who what where why & when in your art pursuits. Emulate the masters or those that are the top of their game throughout history.
Be inspired by others success. Keep at your vision with a passion. Know that it's not how you start, it's how you finish.  Audit art curriculum from vast resources around the globe. Become a global practice.

*What professional challenges have you faced that have contributed to your overall success?

My art practice approach has been to question all the rules in the art work hierarchy. I pursued my art education, by auditing & emulating the Ecole de beaux art& the louvre art curriculum studies in art & salon.

I am interested in art is a cultural conversation, that I am vested in paying forward to our next generation of visual thinkers & creative problem solvers. Art offers innovation in art & design with ethics & aesthetics. In design you lead via creative direction. I became the creative director of my art practice.
I curate all my shows brand to install & love hanging art & the public response. In reviews, 'kellyannartsalon art is recognized as a positive public good.

*What is the biggest lesson you have you learned that you feel is good advice for others?

Never ask permission, work to place your art where your vision is. Make it a grand thought. I would love my art in the Musee modern de Paris with Matisse & Yoko Ono. We can speak to Peace.

You are a lucky artist, if you connect with those art lovers & collectors whom love your artistic process & voice & share it with others.

Please briefly include a work history with job titles, organization names or any other career history background information that you think may be helpful.

I worked in legal research & graphics after graduating in from UCLA. I loved working  for a team of attorneys whom required my research in Federal Anti trust lawsuits, Property development in Malibu, International Partnerships & Estate Property Development. After graduating from UCSB Art & Design program, as designer, creative director & photographer I worked with Miramar Magazines, Massa Design in San Francisco & NBC Internet Senior Design counsel incorporating  brand,  website development & photo shoot management with an international client base.

Are there any specific contributions that you have made in your field that contribute to your success? (i.e., inventions/patents, books authored or co-authored, etc.)

I believe in gifting art annually to benefit the public. I have my work on permanent display at the Cedar Sinai Medical Center spinal institute. The Hero series was gifted to the Marcia Weisman public art collection. The collections premise is that art heals patients, family & staff. My large work has been placed  in the Spinal Institute's grand foyer. I have worked with Rooms that Rook for Chemotherapy in SF, providing art & design in hospital room projects for children with Leukemia. A Public art collection at UVM, Vermont Teen Chemotherapy treatment center.  I continue to work with Pim Sim in NY, gifting art to fundraise for graphic books for at risk  youth on anti sex trafficking.

Global Eco sustainable development project | Mill Valley Preserve

Are you involved in any organizations, societies or local community events that support your industry?  If so, what are they and what is your role?

Annually, I attended many virtual events (Stanford, USC, Coursera, School of Life UK. in my study in art to pay forward art in the public eye.

What do you do in your free time?

In the jar din & nature with family & friends. Annual travel to explore new art.

*What would you like readers to know about you and why?

It's an art in ones business affairs to work & support others in their pursuits. Seek to share & grow in one's work. Bonne chance to each of us.

*What kind of legacy would you like to leave the world?

I would like the world to know that endeavored to be brave & courageous in art & life. A kind, loving soul.
List your degrees and/or certifications (please include degree title(s), school name(s) and   graduation year(s) for each)

UCLA, BA Political Sociology
UCSB, Post Baccalaureate in Visual Communications & Graphic Design
Audits in contemporary art practices;
Ecole de beaux art de lyon
NYC James Cohan, Gagosian, Pace, NYMOMA, Guggenheim, NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, Musee Modern de Paris.
Musee d'Orsay,
Auction house sales

Include family history. (i.e., if you are married, have children and/or grandchildren, what they do for a living, where they live, etc).  You can be as specific or nonspecific as you wish.

My loving east coast folks raised our family in Malibu Canyon, California. I now live in San Francisco bay, Mill Valley, California with my husband, daughter & animals. I am Irish heritage & am grateful everyday to begin again in artful living.

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