Jackie O + Warhol + kellyannart appropriation

Jackie O + Warhol + kellyannart appropriation

56 x 56 limited edition print

kellyannart.com appropriations in response to Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition Warhol 50 years | 60 artists. SF Film Centre Installation, December 12-13, 2012, kellyannart| SF Film Centre Holly Art Exhibit http://youtu.be/o078HhOBL7M shopwalkincloset.com Public Art Exhibition through 2013,  The kellyannarts Youtube  http://yt.cl.nr/MhMwHoU3xDw 

My Jackie O appropriation by AWF has been approved displaying my world celebrations youth vision campaign. The response by the AWF is kellyannart.com is innovating AW prints  & engaging the public in his work. Jackie O, No 1-8 are selling USD, 5000. 

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