2009 in the white spaces icons, peace, 57 x 64. music mix http://youtu.be/x3RLdMnYU9Y Classical flash mob



The collections are available for public & private collectors in an eco manner,  cotton canvas & paper, acqueous water based ink. The original works will be maintained for exhibitions. Please enquire, kellyannart@mac.com


review, ‘The work is colorist, positive & uplifting, addressing our cultural identity. A woman producing 'large abstract paintings & designs, a feminine brush stroke & lively colorist palette,” Nan L’Amoire, CCA, art criticism-  curators vision: large spaces, hotel lobby | foyers, corporate collections, vineyard collections, airports, music videos, fabric design, galleries, private collections & spaces the public enjoys. 

                                    design: in the white spaces | icons collection 2009  is produced in the context of vast cultural changes. I produced creative practice/research work in design, visual art, media & abstract art teaching lessons. I began this year with a public art project in abstraction on world geography. The lesson is for all ages. After completing the public art project, I produced 16 abstract pieces reflecting iconic cultural concepts today. in the white spaces | icons contains large paintings ranging in size: 1-57 x 64, 5-36 x 72 inches, 2=20 x 20 inches & 8-10 x 10 inches. Their titles offer pause for reflection in today’s world on a positive cultural identity:. Peace, Graceful Control, Patriotism, The President’s Stimulus 2009, Women, Power and Politics | The Madonna’s, Peace Over War, Respect Thy Neighbor & Yes, Love is the Answer. Medium: mixed ink, pen, pencil mixed pigment & crystal glass shaving.  I am nurturing and sharing my artistic expression, technique and discipline. My visual works are tools for transformation, and give voice to some of the important issues of our time. 


view this new collection below... listen to kanye west | love lockdown. I would love this collection, in the white spaces | icons to be visually mixed with his song & music video, a music and art concept.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZwMX6T5Jhk 

I have been reviewing the work of Kanye & Vanessa Beecroft’s art: http://www.vanessabeecroft.com  

and Roddy Hunter of the UK, while completing this collection.


kellyannart.com | 2009 white space collection | icons

When I started this year's collection of 16 abstract paintings for exhibition, my collection muse became white space. In the space between annual collections, is a burgeoning of new information in culture. I am an abstract painter employing random naturalistic methods, with deliberate, intelligent designs and expressions, a creation, not an accident. The physical practice of painting large abstract art & design is my artwork.


My influences: Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro’, Antonio Gaudi, Picasso, Hans Hoffman, Pollock, Bauhaus Arts & Design, Willhem Dekooning...Womans Series, Mark Rothko, Color Field Painters, Brice Marden, Piet Mondrian, Sister Corita Andy Warhol, YSL, chanel,  Diebenkorn. Clement Green, Robert Motherwell as critics.


In the space between, this year's presidential process was fodder. E pluribus unum, which is Latin for "Out of Many, One, “ became my response to the power of a women's thought from viewing the International Museum of Women's 2008 Exhibition | Women, Power & Politics.  I produce 'many' artworks  to teach 'ones' value' in the practice and production of ones work. I am working to inspire a new generation of creative thinkers.


In this world, I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist & love. Practice acts of love, family, kindness, generosity & faith in creating great things, even if small. Humanity is valuable, when it values honor, grace, integrity. Regardless of ones place, one can choose to do small acts with great love: Mother Theresa,


My art, is my positive reflection on humanity. I work in my art practice toward refinement and commitment. I am a painter, photographer and conceptual artist, using media to produce my archive. Art can put forth ideas of  love & beauty.  The art world can offer the world these concepts. Art continues to be redefined & defined.


Women are the heart in culture. 


E pluribus unum, Latin for "Out of Many, One," is a motto requested by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere (originally Pierre-Eugène Ducimetière) and found in 1776 on the Seal of the United States, along with Annuit cœptis and Novus ordo seclorum, and adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782. The phrase originally came from Moretum, a poem attributed to Virgil but with the actual author unknown. In the poem text, color est e pluribus unus describes the blending of colors into one.


Public Art Project: World Geography & Abstract Art Lesson 

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce World Geography through Abstract Art. 



• Parts of a Map. Maps are one of the most important tools on Earth. They help us find places. To read a map, you need to understand its different parts. The first part of a map you need to know is the title. A map is a special drawing of a place or area. A symbol is a picture that represents an object. A map key explains what each symbol found means. A cartographer

is a mapmaker.


• A Compass Rose helps you find Direction. A simple compass rose may look like a plus sign with arrows. At the ends of each arrow the four cardinal directions are listed, they are North, South, East & West.The top arrow would point to the top of the map.


• Identity & Mark all 7 Continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, North America, 


• Locate & Mark all Oceans & Seas: Arctic , Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean

• Discuss Longitude & Latitude:

• Longitude are meridians. They measure the angular distance east or west from the prime meridian.

Lines of Latitude are parallels. They measure the angular distance north and south from the equator to either pole.


Abstract Art: 

Use & Combine standard artistic techniques with more unusual forms of expression in conveying artistic ideals. 

Mediums such as drawing painting, sculpture and photography:

Drawing: Contour drawing, coloring with pencils, chalk & oil pastels 

Painting: Watercolor, tools, color mixing.

Design and Composition: form/background, decorative patterns, illumination.

Color: primary/secondary colors, complementary, warm/cold, layering of pastels, paint & pencil colors and color wheels.


Art History

Sculpture & Photography







































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