2012 Beauty's Reflection, See Beauty in what you do Marilyn, Diptych 36 x 60 each, No. 14-15

canvas, stencils, prints, screens, laser etchings  music barber of seville flash mob http://youtu.be/ISwty9QFiOw

2012 Review | 

Exhibiting public artist producing Amazing work that blurs the boundaries between art, iconography, & abstract methodology.  

Place kellyannart.com collections on your iphone & ipad cases. Portfolio: http://www.kellyannartsalon.com, please email kellyannart@mac.com

Consider beginning a vision campaign. See my World Celebrations public art project. Fabulous type driven positive campaign developed for strategic art & education project. kellyannart.com strives to reflect positively on humanity in her art practice.  

kellyannart.com 2012 News & 2011 year in review. 

Each year, kellyannart.com’s rubric is to produce collections for exhibition in large scale corporate, public, hotel & hospital lobby spaces. Kellyann Gilson Lyman continue’s to place her work with limited edition printers & works to license her art as textiles & product design to the luxury collectible market, | dream client:  kellyannart.com on Janus et cie outdoor luxury umbrella lines + TCHO special edition chocolate labels.

kellyannart.com’s process, ideas & message are valued by her collectors.

What makes kellyannart.com unique & culturally valuable? Her message is to see beauty in what you do daily. What we practice daily is a form of grace. Can one commodify this in art. Long term, arts historical value has to do with it's resounding message to it's public.  Kellyann Gilson Lyman - kellyannart.com works annually to create collections for collectors whose interests are luxe, technology, media, art, fashion, positive cultural manifestations & the entrepreneurial spirit.


kellyannart.com | 2012 Beauty’s Reflection Collection | How we see beauty in ourselves | How others see beauty in us.  iconoculture | a world view to engage the public in art. New works here.


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