hero series, reconstruction, 64 x 72 original, reproductions 30 x 30

Reconstruction | Hero Series | Go thank your everyday hero! | Reimagine art | Redux 2014


hero series, reconstruction

This body of work is entitled the ‘hero series’. It began with a line & form concept, producing ’ Reconstruction, which was gifted to Dr. Pashman at Cedar-Sinai Medical Spinal Institute on behalf of Bruno Gilson. The remaining pieces in the collection explored color & the organic nature of abstraction. The collection is exhibited in the bay area.  View this work & thank your everyday hero. 


The ‘hero series’ celebrates the idea of the everyday heroes in my life. A hero is someone we admire & look up to. Someone solid, genuine & real, not a myth, icon or legend. An ordinary person doing extraordinary things. A hero picks up when we are down. Believes in us before we believe in ourselves. Inspires us to expand and embrace what’s possible. Helps us realize we can be heroes too.


The art collection at Cedar Sinai was started by Marcia Weisman, whom felt patients and family benefit from the beauty of art.  I believe in giving my art away annually, so the public can enjoy new art. The piece was exhibited in San Francisco before delivery. Each repeated color pattern & the color palette reflects the power of practice and patience in a reconstructive process.

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