kellyann gilson

Love the art, music, fashion integrations. | innovate contemporary art | art in motion |NY, LA, LISBON & SF | Oui to art in all forms! Inspired art to engage & interact the public. is in motion in sf, miami & nyc. Love art that engages the public & inspires interaction. My Jackie O appropriation by AWF has been approved displaying my world celebrations youth vision campaign. The response by the AWF is is innovating AW prints  & engaging the public in his work. Jackie O, No 1-8 are selling USD, 5000. My abstract collections are currently being reviewed for exhibition in public spaces & the print works on fabric, maps & new found objects are selling & being collected. The best in art, is when the artist actually gets to consider new concepts in collaboration to produce more cultivating art that speaks to positive reflections on humanity. Oui to art in all forms. OUI sculpture is going to a new collector & being exhibited in the soho spring gallery + selected for the exhibition art takes Paris!  

I invite my artist colleagues to buy Emily's Poetry book A wonderfully inspired young poets foundation in honor of my niece. To art & poetry in motion. Celebrating Emily's Memory & her beautiful poetry. Contact Monica Lyman to support her foundation. Merci! kellyannart 

my exhibitions of note as of late. bonne chance! kellyannart

2016 sfmoma seca selections, spectrum art box miami basel, ny project. art basel miami cosmic connections project - chamber of commerce public art, Yves Dolorme, Chadwicks, Palette, 

2015, Famous 4 October - January 2015, Inspired Vintage Burlington VT - September 2014See beauty in what you do - July 2014 Salon, NY, Sotheby's East Bay Realty - July 2015, Jardin de Gratitude, 50K Commission, 4 up 36 x 36, 4 elements, Hamptons | art takes Paris selection, 9. 2013, Andy Warhol Foundation + appropriation of Jackie O Editions, NYC, Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 2013, July 2013 The Story of the Creative exhibition! features hundreds of artists from 103 countries across the globe.  , Elements of Expression, Exhibition, New York, NY, September 2nd-23rd, 2013. Artist Wanted Book | Art Takes NY, Calistoga Art Center & Bank of America, Calistoga, Indian Springs Spa & Resort Commission, Indian Springs Gallery, Cedar Sinai Medical Center Public Art Collection, Art Advice Corporate Art Consultants, 275 Battery Street San Francisco Corporate Lobby, San Francisco Watermark Residences,, NY Art History Channel, Artist Wanted, Behance, Art, Marie Kazalia Agent, San Francisco Convention Plaza, Museum Parc Public Art, Lisalee Smith-Curator, | live feed


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